The roots of our Family Tree are in Valguarnera Caropepe, Sicily
                    and its limbs reach around the world.
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Welcome to the Interlicchia World Family Tree

We have been researching the Interlicchia family for many years. We have found Interlicchia families currently living in Sicily, mainland Italy, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina and in 12 states of the United States of America. All of the Interlicchia families that we contacted knew of ancestors that came from a small village in Sicily named Valguarnera Caropepe.

As we did our research, we found alternate spellings of the name including Interlichia and Interlicchio. In every case we were able to prove that the alternate spellings were also part of this family. This fact, along with the uniqueness of the name, and the fact that they all came from the same small village, made us theorize that ALL living Interlicchia in the world today are related and part of one big family.

As a result of a series of events, and numerous records that were discovered, we believe we have proven our theory, and in March 2010 we declared that ALL Interlicchia in the world are related, and in fact ONE big family. The family in Valguarnera Caropepe started in 1687 when Joseph Interlicchia married Paula Mordenca. Every Interlicchia (or spelling variations) reading this are descendents of the children of Joseph and Paula.

Our goals with this website are to: (1) Build one World Interlicchia Family Tree;  (2) To serve as a platform for exchanging Interlicchia family information;  (3) To show you how you are connected to the World Interlicchia Family Tree;  (4) To teach and document Interlicchia family history for all of us and our descendants to enjoy.

If you are interested in seeing where you fit on our tree, AND you are willing to contribute to the tree, please contact us through our "Contact Us" link.

This site was built in its entirety by Joseph R. Manusia, son on Angelina Interlicchia. Joseph's research was responsible for finding the records of every person listed on this site and for building this family tree. However, he wants to acknowledge and thank Elizabeth "Bette" Sasso and Stephanie Thorne Broche who are the other two thirds of the "we" referred to above. It was our years of cooperative research, record sharing and brain storming that resulted in all Interlicchia in the world being connected. 


Valguarnera Caropepe

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